I'm annoyed with my OH. Well, I'm not really, but just annoyed at men in general and why they just do not GET it!!!!

Why is EVERYTHING my job??? I don't want OH to do more: I want him to do it WITHOUT BEING ASKED!!! Without ASSUMING that I will do it!

It's not him really. Its his mum. She asked me if I was going to make OH a sandwich for work (he has just gone). I said he can make it himself (I'm not babying him like she does! I've got my own son to care for!). She said (get this!!!) "He probably doesnt feel like it" (because he has man flu). OH FOR GODS SAKE!!!! How pathetic! When I've got a cold I can make a p*ssing sandwich!!!!! (Oh yeh - AND look after Gabe ALL day as usual!)

He's 22 by the way.


I will never ever ask any of Gabe's girlfriends to do anything for Gabe! xx


  • oh and here's the worst part....I DID IT!!!!

    I am so pathetic & spineless!

    (Sorry btw - PMT!)
  • You're not pathetic and spinless just very caring! Men are just wired different-not sure about MIL types though!! My oh just does not listen to a single word I say-don't bother opening me mouth anymore-sad isn't? Hope my lo isn't like that when he's old and grey x
  • you poor thing must be so hard living with his family at times stick to your guns if had your own place you would never have made it . My oh has just made me my tea as i bin ill it nice when do thing for use
  • the thing is I probably would have made it if we had our own place!

    It's just the being asked to do it that really bugged me lol!!
  • i know what you mean when you say you want them to do it without being asked. they shouldnt have to be told what to do to help they should use their brain! grr i'm on a rant today aswell (can you tell lol)
  • Ooo I know what you mean. If no one asks it is something you would probably do but when asked (or rather told), you dig your heels in.

    Didn't you know man flu is really bad?? Far worse than the colds us mere ladies get! Bull 'cough cough' shit!!!

  • Man flu is the worst type of flu ever. One cough and sneeze and they have the flu and can't go to work or do anything around the house.

    You are not bad its just that you care. I know what you mean though about been asked to do it. Must be annoying. Boys and their mums.
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