Godparent question

When you get your lo christened do you need to get the Godparents a gift to say thank you?
If so what do you get them?


  • Erm....I don't know because I haven't had Ellie christened but I think if you want to get them something perhaps a nice frame with a photograph of them with the baby?
    Sorry I'm wick! xx
  • We got the two godmothers a little me to you bear with a t shirt on that said godmother. For the godfather we got a photo frame that said special godfather on. In it we put a pic of him, his girlf (godmother) and our lo.

    The me to you bears were ??5 and photo frame was ??4. The godparents are my sister, dhs sister and dhs sisters boyfriend. Maybe if we werent that close i wouldnt have got them a pressie - but then if i wasnt that close to them they wouldnt be her godparents!!
  • I would like to get a little something as we are planning on having brother's & sister's as gp's.
    The teddy bear and photo ideas are good. We don't want to get too much, more of a special token. Haven't even booked it yet!!!!!!!! I like to be organised!
  • lol ccbmommy i am exactly like you....organisation is the key! xx
  • no hun u don't need to...i posted a similar question when JJ got christened lol! x
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