I'm quite freaked out by the amount of sugar in jam, but Oscar does love it. Are the reduced sugar jams bad for him??


  • TBH I don't know, but I don't give them to my lo's because normally 'reduced sugar' means stuffed full of artifical sweetners instead. I personally would rather they had sugar than sweetners so we tend to buy the expensive high fruit content jam, and just give them a tiny bit.
  • He does only have a tiny bit - and the one we have certainly wasn't cheap lol

    I'll compare the sugars and sweetners and see what's what.

    God, I never thought I'd be worrying about jam :lol:
  • I think it's a moderation thing, I made our own this year in hopes it would be better for the children but even then it's not exactly health food so to speak. I prefer real sugar to sweeteners, but that's just me.

  • Gabe has the mixed fruit jam from Lidl. I reckon he has either jam or marmalade most days. But then I am quite relaxed with food and also refuse to pay for expensive stuff when Gabe's been fine on whatever we eat.
  • It's called St Dalfour, I know that becasue there are two jars of it in our fridge :lol: I've been buying it for years and I'd never noticed it had no added sugar :lol: How dumb am I, it says it in big letters on the front!!
  • Oh thanks! I'll stock up when I find it image
  • I would definitely rather give Abby real sugar than sweetener. I wouldn't worry too much about the odd bit of jam. Nothing is bad as long as you don't give it too often. The main problem is either developing a sweet tooth or rotting teeth. The pear juice one will cause both of these problems just as much as real sugar ones (although it might taste better) so I wouldn't worry too much. Give in moderation and brush teeth afterwards.

    H xx
  • JJ has a piece of toast every morning with jam on...i never really thought about it, i'm not too worried though cuz it's not like he eats anything else full of sugar x
  • I buy St Dalfour for LO - I know there's a lot of sugar in fruit, but I figure fruit sugar is better than added sugar (which I agree is better than artifical sweetener), and this one is meant to have a high fruit content. It's not cheap, think it's nearly ??2 a jar in Sainsbury's, but I'm sure I saw it quite a lot cheaper in Tesco.

    Lo loves jam but I try to let him have it only about once a week - he's guaranteed to clear his plate if it's jam on toast/jam sandwich though!
  • Oscar has it once every other day perhaps but it's spread really thinly. OH bought some reduced sugar jam today and it doesn't appear to have sweetners in it, though I think I'll check the ingredients against those of proper jam first.

    I don't worry about sugar generally - Oscar doesn't eat junk food aside from the occasional biscotti or similar. He doesn't drink juice, only water or sometimes a diluted innocent smoothie (he used to drink them straight from the carton but now prefers them with water). He does prefer fruit over vegetables, but goes in stages so it may be the other way round tomorrow! And I'd rather he ate fruit than crisps and chocolate.

    I don't know, jam just really got my alarm bells ringing for some reason :roll:
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