yoghurt, what age?

I'm sure that this has been asked before but I am suffering from Saturday morning seive brain!! Does anyone know what age you can give natural yoghurt from? I've got 6 months in my head but then I thought I saw on a packet of little stars that they were suitable from 4 months so I'm not sure. Don't want to give him the ones with added sugar but I thought he might like some natural yoghurt mixed in with fruit.


  • i think its 6 mths too for natural yoghurt because its got bio cultures in??dnt quote me! iv just done my asda shopping and ordered some natural yoghurt for grace and im gonna add fruit puree to sweeten it.Its shocking the amount of sugar thats in "baby" yoghurts isnt it!the only ones iv found that dnt have sugar is tha rachels organic ones if u want a particular baby yoghurt.I was amazed to see that even the cow & gate dairy deserts have added sugar!!
  • Cheers girls.
    The Rachel's organic yoghurts are Millie's favourite, if she saw me giving one to Barney there would be big trouble lol I'll hang on untill he is 6 months, there's no desperate hurry, he's only havign two meals a day at the minute, I was just thinking ahead!!
  • I have looked for the Rachels organic baby yogurts but I can't find them anywhere!
    I think it is 6 months for plain yogurt / fromage frais, but 4 months for those baby yogurts like muller stars etc.
    Why not give him some of the Organix rice puds or fruit custards - they are from 4 months + but dont contain any added sugar, just fruit & milk powder x
  • Ohh I forgot about the Organix pots, Millie used to love those. You wouldn't belive that it is only 2 years since I last did this would you :rol:
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