FAO Mummysteph (re MumandBubs)

Hello Mummystephe

I read your reply on the 'Sorry' post and felt I must address your comments. Yes, Mumandbubs has used different user names, there is no law against that, she has always pointed out that it was her and the reason behind this is that from her joining the website to now she has changed her internet provider several times and as such has had to reset up new email addresses from her new providers and as such the way BE works if she changes her email address on her profile she has had to 'reactivate' her account and couldn't as her email address at that time was no longer active, ie when she left Pipex and joined Talk Talk; so she had to reset up an account etc and she has always identified herself. Your comments made her out to be shifty and she wasn't and isn't. I read her 'Birth Story' and she stated that she HAD changed her login from mumandbub to mumandbubs so she did identify herself and DID state why so I would appreciate it if you would not insinuate that my friend is shifty.

That being said and I do not want to reopen old wounds but must state my opinion, her former 'cold' post did not require any apologies. I have told her that and so have many others. She was expressing an opinion, as did you and often! You made your feelings perfectly clear during this post so why should she apologise for expressing her opinion when you did the exact same thing!!

I find it incredulous that you expect an apology when a member, I believe someone call Emmasomething (mumandbubs can't remember) attacked the respondents of this post by defending mumandbubs, you had the audacity to contact the Moderator, which is in your right as Emma told mum what she said to you all, you insinuated that Mumandbubs was involved in this woman's post! She wasn't!. That was very uncalled for.
She did receive support from this Emma person and Mum was grateful but hasn't spoken to this person since and has stayed away because of the furore she caused and this annoys me as she has EVERY right to express her opinion.

I hope that my feelings have been addressed because it is quite clear you dislike my friend and whilst that is your prerogative I will not have you insult her for something that YOU all do every day, state your mind and for quite frankly trying to shit stir and get her in trouble for something YOU caused.
This Emma person made her opinion quite clear and she told mum what she said about you, I believe and correct me if I have the wrong person, but didn't she say that you were neglectful of your children and that is a terrible thing to say but mum had nothing to do with that or this person and you seem to think that mum should be responsible for that.

I thank those of you who have been nice to me and have welcomed me but there is quite obviously some people on this forum and site who are unpleasant. I do think therefore myself and Mumandbubs (she has agreed with me and says goodbye to those who have been nice) will leave you now and wish those of you good luck with your children for the future.




  • This is stupid, Stephe doesn't need to see this - she is heavily pregnant and I'm sure could do without the hassle
  • It did seem a bit petty to me to be honest, but people have bumped posts for me in the past so I was just returning the favour.

  • It did seem a bit petty to me to be honest, but people have bumped posts for me in the past so I was just returning the favour.

  • hello misslittletired and mumsandbubs,
    u dont hav to leave d site cos of a little feud cos u r on here for ur lovely babies so just focus on that n forget bout the silly things that go on here also mrsT i don no wot must hav happened cos i haven bin on here 4 a while
    but addin silly comments or fuellin it wouldn help at all so pls everyone lets be civilliased here and try to be supportiv towards everyone and mummystephe cant wait for ur baby to arrive GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!
  • I agree, I've tried to report it to the mods and get the post removed but unfortunately the report to mods button won't work!
  • Nobody should have replied to this it didnt concern anyone else.......
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