I am Soooooooooooooooooo lonely

Hi girls

Sorry gonna have a whinge.

Well last night on spur of the moment (5.30pm) saod to OH did he want to go and visit him mum for the weekend, she lives 250 miles away from us, so dont see her often. He jumped at the chance so we pack up 3 kids and off we trot.

Well kids slept all the way here got here at 10.30 and of course they then didnt want to sleep, finally got them off at 2am!! They then got up at 7am so i got up with them and OH stayed in bed for another 2 HOURS, arghhhhhhhhhh.

I then got all of teh kids ready and me OH kids and MIL went to see SIL and family, which was nice, however, SIL wanted to look after the three and said go off and enjoy yourself. Well tbh didnt want to as only had one feed made up so had to buy more formula, no sterliser as at MIL's 45min away, SIL assured us that she would "boil" the bottles and GO.

So after not wanting to leave them I have!! Well get back to MIL's thinking well we can do somehting nice for a fe hours and OH decides he and only he is going to BIL's to play playstation and I am not welcome, charming! So now sat here in the kitchen on my own at MIL's on her computer.

MEN, SIL's, MIL's :evil:



  • men are so fuckin selfish sometimes. you were bullied into leaving your babies and now you are on your own thats shocking you have every right to winge. hope your weekend gets better chick xx
  • hi hun ..bless u ...make him pay for it tomorrow ..lol .....i also feel a bit lonley now ...my oh has gone out and my friends were here but they have gone out too now so im here with my 2 lil angels ...i think im goin to give sophia a bottle and off to snuggle up with them both ..well mrs in her basket and jack with me for now he he xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Bloody hell, men! I would be fuming if my oh had made us WASTE a golden oppertunity to go out together! Playstaions are so infuriating! My other half could play it 24/7 if he didnt have to go to work!!!
  • Ah thanks girlies feel better now xx
  • :O what a little b*gger your OH is!! i would go mental if ben did that!! you need to get your own back!! land the kids on him at some point and have a girly night out or something X
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