FAO Anyone With Snow

i hate you all :lol:

nah not really but I WANT SNOW *stamps feet*

not fair :\( lol


  • Me too!! :\(

    We hardly ever get snow here!
  • i havent seen snow at home in years, last time was 2 years ago in germany!! x
  • I'm in SW London, we did have some snow in April (yes, APRIL!!!) but it had all melted by lunchtime!
  • I hate Snow. You can have as much as you want as long as it does not come near me. I do like looking out at it but I hate going out in it.
  • Send some over here!! I love the snow!! Really want some! I'll do you a deal Jenny - if you get it 1st send some over here, and if I do I'll send some back :lol:

  • awesome, how will i get it to you? not trusting royal mail this time of year :lol: hehe x
  • :lol: Tell me about it!! Posted something 2nd class monday and it arrived this morning!! Ridiculous!! xx
  • i dont think my SS has even got there yet and that was 5 weeks ago! and i sent something recorded delivery 3 weeks ago and it's still not got there, i've had to fill in 2 missing mail applications, luckily i kept receipts, go meee lol! x
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