Disgusted by the ad on here today!!!

Just had to rant, I'm disgusted by the ad BabyExpert have on here today! It reads
"Warning: Is your bad parenting damaging your child". WTF?!
Then it says something like Click here to learn how better parentting (can't remember the exact words. I'm shocked that BE would allow something like that.. talk about making our paranoias and fears even worse when it's hard enough being a parent anyway without some stupid advert putting ideas in your head!
Anyway, rant over lol


  • Oh that's it - "Ensure your child grows up normal" !!!!
  • Its a definite case of not removing head from sphincter before typing!
  • i cant say i acctaully look at the adds, but if you remember the dislike of the positive test and the reply to that, its all about money money money x
  • This one just shouted out to me.. it was on the top of the page. I try to ignore them too, unless they are bugging me trying ot post a pic!
    I don't know that one piggypops...

    Pixie-woo, I presume you mean the ad and not me! image
  • Sorry, yes I meant the ad. Should have clarified that a little better! x
  • I knew you did really, just thought it was funny! xx
  • omg thats terrible, i haven't seen it yet, i only have the directory ads and the aptimil ones showing? u would think they would know better than 'bad parenting' and 'normal'

  • I get a copy of mother and baby (or similar) sent to me every month, and often there are Q/A's with so called professionals about how to do things. One, I remember very clearly about sleep. It was so cut and dried... ''Is it ok to feed my baby to sleep?'' A: ''No, your baby needs to sleep by themselves''.

    I know the foundation of the answer will usually have some good back ground, but I think making it so black and white is SO unhelpful. Especiallly in those early days or for the more anxious mums, you can imagine people thinking they are doing something horribly wrong! ..... [holding hands up and admitting to still rocking my 9m old to sleep] *GASP* whispers of ''bad mother'' run round the room!!

    Rant over image

    Em x
  • I'm a bad mummy according to the books probably but since I dont read them I don't know :lol:

    Whats "normal" anyway, all babies are different and a good parent adapts to their childs individual needs not what is considered good parenting by so called experts.

    Em you continue rocking if thats what Jen likes, im jealous of the cuddles if I tried rocking Dylan he'd squirm and fight wanting to play instead image so im in the bad mummy cc group! Oh and I weaned him earlier than 6 months, put him in his own room at 13 weeks so im a terrible mummy!!!
  • i never look at the adverts. i was disappointed with the article in prima baby saying how denise van outen was combi feeding from the start as i thought that might encourage others to do it, when it could affect their milk and then they'd end up just ff.

    i was reading the contented baby book free with prima baby and phoned my hbby to say we were doing everything wrong. he calmly said he'd look when he got home from work. a bit later in occured to me how everyone who visoted our houses commented on how dd was a contented baby, so what was i hoping to achieve from changing everything we were doing? and my fed to sleep newborn now goes to sleep no problems at 4 months and sleeps for 12 hours,and is ebf. the same baby who slept on my chest as a newborn all day now sleeps in her cot with no issues.

    i think it's important to know what reseacrh is out there and the theory behind it, then adapt for your child.
  • Never look at the adverts and don't read the 'how to do' books.

    My SIL got all the baby books going when she had her daughter, tried following the recommendations to the letter. It stressed her out so much she ended up with severe PND because she really struggled, until MIL made her throw the damn things away, and her daughter is no 'better' than any other child - still throws tantrums like any other 2 year old!

    As long as the kid's healthy, looked after and the parents care about them then they aren't doing a bad job.

    I ignore all the ads - Only one i can't ignore is the 'have a happy period' - that one infuriates me :lol:
  • Thanks ladies, glad it's not just me who found that totally wrong! As I said, I don't actively read the ads but I must have a different version of this website or something (I'm not in the UK and sometimes ads come out in Spanish too) because this one could not be missed! It was huge, flashing letters right across the top of the screen.
    Agree on the books... I didn't buy any before the birth of my baby but somebody bought and gave me the Baby Whisperer. I feel guilty as it was a present but I only got as far as the first chapter! And we're settling into our routine just fine without any help and my little girl self-settles etc.
  • Its bad that a parenting website has used the word 'normal' to describe parenting/children.

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