baby sleeping in own room

at what age is this safe? i have monitor... not that i need as the room is right next door to mine so with door open will hear him,feel bit anxious that cant see him all time though, hope this will pass. i have heard it was 6 mths that you out in own room but i may try earlier and wanted some feedback


  • Poppy slept in her own room from 10 weeks and is now a healthy 18 month old! I don't understand why it's safer to sleep in your room to be honest!! She was no longer comfortable in her crib and there was no space in our room for her cot so we had no choice. I did have a video monitor and had it on quite loud so I could even hear her breathe!
    Do what's best for you!
  • My experience is sinilar to Dona's, except we transferred Ciaran into his own room at 6 weeks. We don't have a video monitor but I wasn't too concerned. Turned out to be a great move as he soon started to sleep for longer as he wasn't disturbed by me and dh. I don't think there is an expected 'safe' age. The fashion at the moment is for guidance to suggest that we have them in with us for 6 mths. I think it partly is to encourage breast feeding as it's seen as easier to continue if they are in the same room. Personally i've happily carried on bfing even though he's in a different room, and I think made my problems easier to deal with as I was sleeping much better after a few days.
  • We put Gracie in her own room in her cot bed at 6 weeks and it wasthe best thing we ever decided to do.. she is now 14 weeks and sleeps all night from 8pm till 7am she does look so tiny in her huge cotbed though was very daunting at first... now i dont even check on her through the night!!

    Do what suits you

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