when did you lower matress height in cot?

as title says really! at what point did you put the matress level down in your LO's cot? how old was your lo? was it because he/she was sitting or could pull themselves up/ get onto knees?


  • I think from memory it was when he started sitting (was about 6 years ago so memory is rough lol)
  • at 12 weeks :lol:

    i dont know if i though he would sumersalt out but i remember nagging hubby to lower it!
  • We've not done it yet (27 weeks). Sasha can sit up but she doesn't pull herself up yet, I was gonna do it when she starts doing that. I've only just put the 2nd side rails onto it, her cot was connected to our bed iykwim, but she kept rolling over into our bed so I put the side rails on last night :cry: she's not a little baby anymore.
  • we (well hubby) lowered lizzies today. she was starting to put her legs over the side of it! she can sit and can stand with support but she doesnt pull herself up yet but i dont want her to do it first time in her cot and go head over heels!
    Mias mummy-lizzie is also 7 months old exactly today!! 29th decmeber born!!
    well she is fast asleep so it hasnt bothered her at all.
    thanks for help girls xx
  • We lowered the cot down to the bottom as soon as DS could get to sitting by himself. It was a good job as the first time he pulled himself up to standing was in his cot one morning! He'd never done it before but we went in one morning and there he was standing. They learn so quickly I think it's best to er on the side of caution just in case they suddenly pull themselves up.

    It's amazing how quick they grow!
  • Same here as tigger2! My little boy turned out to be a climber so it's a good job I lowered it as soon as he could sit
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