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GRRRRRRRRR bloody doctors!!!!!

Well as most of you know JJ has been poorly for a week now since his reaction to his injections and when he stopped breathing last week the doctor said to keep giving him calpol and see how he goes, anyway he's been getting better which is great!

This morning though he woke at 6 absolutely screaming, haven't heard him cry like that since he had colic so i gave him a warm bottle to try and settle him and his chest sounds awful, he could hardly take his bottle cuz of his breathing and he just kept choking when i tried to wind him, his eyes are streaming and puffy and i just don't think he's well! Anyway, i'd given him more calpol and he seemed to settle but i decided to wait for the doctors to open and get an appointment for him cuz i don't want him to get a chest infection if he hasn't already got one (in our area u have to phone on the day u want the apt, u dont get any apts in advance)...

SO, 8.30 comes and i'm ringing and ringing and it was busy for 10 mins, finally got through at 8.40 and THEY HAVEN'T GOT ANY APPOINTMENTS IN THE WHOLE 3 SURGERIES!! I tried to explain that he was only 10 weeks old but she just kept interrupting me and said the doctor will try and give me a call to see if it's urgent enough to get him seen sometime the time he'll spend on the phone he could have seen us!!

what sort of service is that?! I bet the surgery is full of bloody old people feeling sorry for themselves after their flu jab, drives me f*ckin insane...the HVs say never take a chance with a baby and always get them seen if you think something is wrong but can you get seen? CAN YA F*CK!! Arghhhhh i'm so mad! I feel a nice complaint coming on!! GRRRRR!!!

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  • aw, hun its just as bad where i am, 2wk wait for an appointment! as soon as i ask for a home visit im told to pop down to the surgery,lol.
    i was even told to make an app when my 12 yr old was nearly out of meds,(adhd and aspergers) well i wasnt waiting weeks without meds so took him down to the surgery (un medicated) after half an hour of him making strange noises at considerable volume and leaping like a frog, i had a perscription,lol.

    hope u get lo sorted out hun, and shame on ur surgery. xx
  • That really is bad. Your poor little one.

    The trouble is, it's not the doctors' fault - it sounds like the demand for appointments is just too high. The powers-that-be need to recognise that and get more GPs on. I wonder if it's a financial issue or just someone incompetent making decisions.

    It's really not fair on you or your little one, whichever it is. Or the GPs or even receptionists for that matter - they must get so much flak and they're just trying to do their jobs under impossible conditions.


  • i think it's the receptionists fault, they think they're god...can u tell i'm really angry? lol i'm gunna give him another feed cuz he's due now and then take him up there...with a gun!!! hehe x
  • go girl!! xx
  • Its awfull isnt is hun!! And to think this is what we pay taxes for!

    Gracie fayes injections are going to be over a week late and so was my 6 weeks check up because they didnt have any appointments!!!! x x

    same here, i had my 8 week mental health assessment yesterday (they do that here cuz ur most at risk of pnd at 6-8 weeks) at nearly 10 weeks and his injections were last week at 9 weeks, his 6 week check was at 7 and a half weeks cuz the doctor who does the checks was on holiday!! x
  • That is absolutely ridiculous!!!

    I hope you get him seen to hon - let us know how you get on?

  • That is ridiculous! Guess I mustbe one of the lucky ones, Beth has had a nasty cough all over the weekend, phoned the docs at 8.30 yesterday and got an appt for 10.30. Our GPs keep some emergency appts specially for children- I think all surgeries should do that.
  • Take him to a&e or a minor injuries unit and tell them you are there because your gp refuses to see you and you believe your baby is poorly. Then when/if a&e or miu find something wrong complain in writing to your gp surgery.

    the bad point is a note maybe put on your file about a complaint being written if you don't make it anomous but chances are you may well get an appointment every time for your lo.

    Kerry, Freya and Bump.
    X X X
  • yeah thats a pretty good idea, the only problem is i dont get paid til tomorrow and it'll cost us ??8 to get to a&e on the bus and only ??2 to get to the docs! damn money grrrr!! x
  • Have you not got a friend or neighbour that could take you?? If all else fails turn up at your gp surgery and demand him to be seen before his poorlyness becomes worse.
    Make a fuss girl, It will make you feel so much better!!

    X X X
  • at our gps the receptionists do try, as much as they cant do much.... I always tell them its an emergency, and they always find somewhere to fit us in....n booked us a double appointment before much to the docs annoyance :lol: )

    but our gps double book all afternoon appointments (I've heard him tell the receptionist to start double booking from a certain time) so they are always running late.....

    Ollie usually gets ill when the docs is shut, so it means a 20 min journey to the out of hours doc in barrow, (??20 taxi if its really bad) but they always see him straight away, and seem to sort him much better and faster than the gp does...... (although last time he got admitted without a check they were that worried bout him......)

    There is a lot of bronchiolitis about at the moment - apparently its very common in babies between nov and feb - so i would demand an appointment.
    Hope he gets better very soon

  • nah my neighbours are the cause of all this...OLD PEOPLE!!! lol we don't get on with them since an argument over the bin (how pathetic) lol! will let you know how we get on...x
  • That's terrible!

    Our doctors is usually useless - there are 2 GPs covering a wide area of people, and ONE midwife who only works on a thursday covers all the pg women in the area - nightmare. You always have to wait at least 1/2 hour.

    Having said that when it comes to children they are brilliant. Whenever I get an appointment for Gabe they always have one the same day.

  • My docs haven't been too bad although I haven't really had to go and see them much in 14 months. If i ring I usually get an appointment. It is a small enough Docs though and it is usually people from the village that just go. I had to move Docs when I had Kara as I didn't change my address from my parents when I moved out because I didn't want to change Docs. Glad I had to change now as I find smaller surgeries better to get appointments. My last Docs was the same as it was a nightmare to get appointments. They kept changing when you can ring in for app and every time you rung there was none left and there was about 10 docs.

    I would ring again and demand an appointment and make them listen to you that your son is only 10 weeks and his past. You shouldn't really have to explain to them anyway as they are so nosey but it might help you get an appointment. Please don't let them fob you off. Your lo is just as important as anyone else.
  • My docs are the same, you have to ring on the day you want it. they do have a few appointments that you can pre-book but they alwasy seem to be booked up weeks in advance!! They open at 8 and you're always kept holding in a queue and by the time they answer they have nothing left!!
    So on monday i started ringing at 7.55 and they answered!! No wonder they have nothing left when you ring at the correct time! Still the receptionist waht like "well what's wrong with him?" and when i said he's got chicken pox... she interrupted me saying "oh they don't need to see a doc for that anymore" without letting me finish to say he's got an infected spot!! Bloody bi*ch!!!
    Hope you managed to get JJ seen hun and that he's ok
    Gemma x
  • well we sat there for like 2 mins and we got seen!!! the GP said he took one look at his age and wanted to see him...BLOODY RECEPTIONISTS!!! He has got bronchiolitis! The GP said if he gets any worse he'll have to go to hosp for oxygen so once again BLOODY RECEPTIONISTS!!!!! grrrr!! He's got to continue with the calpol and he's got nose drops to put in before he's fed which will hopefully make him gag and bring up whats on his chest...have to try and make sure he's getting enough milk cuz it's interferring with his feeding and he may need to be tube fed in hospital through his nose til it clears!!!
  • Poor lil thing!! There is alot of bronchiolitis about at the moment, stupid receptionists think they can play god!! Hope he gets better soon hun, without having to go to hospital xxx
  • its gonna sound scary, but please, even if you think you're being paranoid, make sure you stick religiously to timings for things, and watch him in case he gets any worse.

    Ollie was on oxygen in hospital last week, and I really wouldn't wish that on anyone. It broke me, as they had to pin him down to get him to take it (before he ended up in the oxygen chamber), and i just couldnt watch anymore.

    I dont want you to be scared, as it is very common at this time of year, but they can go downhill so fast and its heartbreaking seeing your lo so ill.

    Sending massive massive hugs, and super strong get well vibes.

  • thanks hun, the doctor said if i suspect ANY change to just take him straight back to see him, i just put the nose drops in and it didn't make him gag or anything, i don't think he even noticed i'd put them in :roll: lol oh well we'll see what happens next time! x
  • bless little jj, hope he gets better soon x
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