Enlarged Kidneys

Hi everyone

Jack had a UTI a few weeks ago (he's only 5 months) and was hospitalised and given antibiotics through a drip. When they did a scan of his kidneys, they said they were enlarged for a baby his age and he would need to go back for more tests once his antibiotics had finished. They also have us medication for him to take to prevent the UTI from coming back.

Anyway, he went back 2 weeks ago and had a dye put through a catheter and another scan done on his kidneys. The catheter results have come back clear, meaning he has no urinary reflux blockage, but his kidneys are still enlarged. They have said not to worry, but they will need to keep an eye on him and he'll need to go for regular appointments. He also needs to keep taking his medicine at night until he goes for his next appointment which is in April.

Has anyone had any experience with this? I know they say not to worry, but I really can't help it image

C xx


  • Hi, didnt want to read and run. I dont have any experience but I just wanted to say that i'm sure everything will be fine and to try not to worry.

    Good luck babe !
  • Hey,
    I was told my LO's kidneys were dilated/ enlarged at my 20 week detailed scan. After she was born she was scanned again and they were still the same! When she was 5 months old (last month) she had a dye put in and scanned also and all results came back as normal but her kidneys were still big. We have been told she may need to go back for more dye and another isotop scan in 6 months.
    She has never suffered from a UTI though.

    Hope your little fella is feeling better, try not to worry too much, they have told me that this is something which often rights itself.
  • Thanks Lambchop, I'm sure everything will be fine as well, but you know what it's like when your baby is sick, they tell you not to worry and it's the first thing you do lol xx

    Thanks SweetasSugar, I'm glad your LO has never had a UTI, hopefully she will grow into her kidneys (so to speak) in the next few months. Hopefully, Jack will do this as well. Trying not to worry, but it's so hard xx
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