Petite Star 3-in-1 Car Walker

I was wondering if anyone had this walker. I am looking for something for the in laws to buy the little man for christmas and said a baby walker would be good. This one is also a bouncer and a push a long when hes old enough. Any reviews from mums who already have it would be great.



  • image This is a lovely walker/bouncer. My son is 14 months old and still goes in his!! We bought it for him when he was 6 months and it is one of his favourite toys. It has the kick bar on bottom of toy that makes laughing and car noises and the activity toy/steering wheel also. Keeps my little one entertained and he loves to sit in it to watch TV also. The only downsides we thought were a) quite expensive but compared to cheaper ones I suppose you get what you pay for and b) quite wide. However, because it is wide it is VERY sturdy and I think would be absolutely impossible for it to tip over as it also very heavy. And, after all safety always comes first for us parents. So, well worth the money. Also, like it says even when baby can walk it can be used as push along. Although, we still use it as walker for our son as loves to sit in the seat part. Hope my review helps
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