surprisingly jealous...

A friend has just announced that she's 3 months pregnant. I'm really pleased for her and dont want to be pregnant again at the moment - Louise is 5 months today - but I cant help feeling jealous!

I'm sure it will pass.....


  • Think I would be the same and am sure it'll pass as lo's keep us busy. My sister-in-law could be and we're off to see them in Redhill next week and I know if she announces I'll be over the moon for her but quietly wish it was us too!
  • I know the feeling even with my 3 monsters I still feel broody. My sister had her baby monday and really miss all that. George will be 5 months on the 16th and its gone so fast and he has been a difficult baby so not really had chance to enjoy it all yet so I am gonna make the most on trying to enjoy it now he is getting better!! Hubby was even broody and said that in 3 years when my implant will be removed we ould have another which is a nice thought cos after george we ruled out having anymore. xxx
  • My sister's pregnant and while I don't envy her situation (her first lo will be 14 months when she's due) I am still very jealous. I miss being pregnant even though I didn't particularly enjoy it at the time :lol:
  • i am sooo jealous of every1 that's pg, i couldn't cope with bein pg at the mo, my lo is 5 and a half months old but like lara said i miss the scans and things like that. and i loved my bump now i jst have my mummy tummy! but my beautiful lo was def worth it!
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