FAO Laurz41

Sorry this is completely o/t but saw on your other post your a hv nurse and was wondering if
I can pick your brain please.

I'm dreaded going back to work next year and my current job is too far to travel and leave ds so was hoping to find something nearer to home. My hv mentioned they're now taking on community staff nurses and I've just seen a post come up ten mins from home part time!

I really need to get reading on the child protection and safeguarding children (I'm a fertility nurse atm) and was just wondering if you had any good links or sites that would give me the info to write a decent application.

Sorry to be so off topic x


  • hiya,

    good luck with that...im hoping to only go back part time which would suit more.

    as for recommending specific websites i'll have a wee think if theres any good ones and let you know but it depends what kind of thing your looking for? All your child protection training etc will be covered when you start (imn a paediatric nurse but the ones i work with many didnt have any childrens experience at all so it wouldnt go against you) feel free to email me if i can be of any help with any info for application/interview or if you want an idea of anything we do etc....

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