Phil and teds sport or vibe?? Differences??

Have been looking at the vibe and the sport and the main difference I can gather is the vibe folds down with the double kit attached (correct me if I am wrong!).

Has anyone got either of these and what do you think of them? We will be getting it for a baby and a toddler. Any experiences welcome!




    I'm not too sure of all the differences, yes you can fold it with the double kit attached (only when its behind), the hood is adjustable - as my son is tall when he was on the double kit on the front, the sport hood sat on his head, but I can move the hood up on the vibe (I hope that makes sense), the brake is easier to use, as the sport is under the double kit on the back and hard to get on and off, on the vibe its on the handle bar, as far as I'm aware it is much easier to fold and lighter.

    Can't think of anything else, but if there anything you want to know, I can try and answer.

    Ali x
  • Hello!

    We got the Vibe after much debate betweent he 2. The Vibe is SLIGHTLY lighter and yes it folds with the doubles kit on when it is underneath. The sun camopy is moveable to accomodate different height toddlers, and the brakes - the sport has a foot brake whereas the Vibe has a push button brake in the middle of the handle which is SOOOOOO wasy to use! Added to that the Vibe is lovely looking with it's aluminium frame!

    We got a GREAT online deal for the vibe so let me know if you want the site details!
  • Hi, I know nothing of the Vibe I'm afraid but I LOVE my sport! It's fantastic when you have two, and the only buggy I know of that you can navigate quite easily despite having 2. And it's brilliant in countryside as well, a good off-roader.

    If the Vibe folds with the extra seat on though I would say go for that, it's the only inconvenience of the Sport one.
  • Thanks. Had a play with my friend's sport and we're off to mothercare to have a look at the vibe next!
  • I don't know much about the Vibe now, just that at the time we also looked at the Sport and the Vibe and couldn't justify the extra money just for a few tweaked features.

    As I see it the cons of the Sport are:
    - incredibly stiff foot brake
    - can't recline either seat very much
    - quite heavy to lift into car boot with doubles kit attached to front (but this isn't a prob as doubles seat comes off so easily)

    I do wonder now if it might have been worth paying the extra just for an easier brake, but I do like my Sport a lot, despite only listing cons here! I also prefer the way it looks, though obv that's not a good reason for buying it :lol:
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