Recipes please

Hello ladies my DD is just about to turn 8 months so is on lumpier foods now but im just running out of ideas fast for nice recipes i want to make sure she is getting a really good variety so thought some of you lovely lot might share some of your LO's favourites?

Also she has been having meat at lunch time as i was under the impression meat in the last meal of the day was too much for the tummy to digest so it was best to give it at liunchtime is that the case and when can meat be introduced at tea time?

Thank you x


  • i do baked salmon which is easily crushed and add to mashed pot and soft broccoli.

    Spag Bol. Use baby pasta instead of spag, and chop any veg you put in finely.

    Chickpea and spinach sort of stew! Basically boil some sweet pot and butternut squash til quite soft add some fresh or frozen spinach, and some tinned chick peas. You can mash this ot leave it quite lumpy depending on how your child gets on with it. Its v tasty and v good for them. Cottage cheese added is quite nice too.

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