wont have you got for your babies for christmans

Faith main present is M&P butterfly rocker activity table and lot lot more. wont have you got your babies. for christmas


  • Shes only 8 weeks so we have got her a few small things.

    A book that sings nursery rhymes, a wobble penguin, an octopus that has different textured tenticles, a catterpillar that says numbers, colours and songs. A cube that plays different songs depending on which way up it is and some board books. Got them all from tesco/asda.

    Dont know what MIL has got her but my mum has got her a little tikes 5 in 1 activity thing. Its from birth to 5 years.
  • Gabe has got the fisher price newborn to toddler rocker that vibrates. Cos he has outgrown his cradle swing and I want another thing like that cos he loved it. We've also got him a lovely big teddy, a rattle, and a few clothes. xx
  • Connors just turned 3 months so weve got him a door bouncer and a piano thingy he can kick cuz he loves his feet.
    Is it too early to get him a soft book?
  • rainbow shoes - my lo has had soft and gard touchy feely books from 3 months. She has an animal safari one from mothercare that she loves because it is scrunchy and really touchy feeling, and it's a long time till his birthday so plenty of time to grow into things too - so not too early to get a soft book!

    Louise is getting the fisher price animal zoo train from us alog with some soft cubes, wobbling penguin, teddies, books, money box with her photo on it that says ;my first money box', stacking cups and other little bits, I know we've got her far too much and spoilt her but we've been buying bits since august to spread out the cost.....

    From grandparents, I know shes getting a shape sorter, leap frog frog, swimming stuff and the 7 in 1 trecker from mothercare.
  • George will be 5 months, we've got him a thing that rolls along the floor, has lights and plays music, it's meant to encourage them to crawl. A toy mobile phone that says numbers and colours, and a teddy bear.

    We haven't gone mad this year saving that for next year, when he will know more about it.

    I know the Grandparents have gone mad though, don't exactly know what they have got him.
  • I'm going to sounds like such a cheapskate...Beth's 'main' pressie from us is a musical cube thing, sounds like the same one that MKT86 mentioned. Then there are a few santa pressies like a CD of children's songs, some rubber ducks for the bath, some books.

    Rainbowshoes- I don't think they are ever too young for books, we've had a couple since Beth was born. At the very least, they can enjoy having a cuddle with you, listening to your voice and looking at the bright colours!
  • Poz is it a leap frog one that sings really annoying songs? one about a yellow lion, one about a blue fish?? I cant remember the rest. I set it off by accident and Frankie started crying lol
  • Ellis is 1 tomorrow so he has got lots of presents coming within the next week, i have got him an activity table and an interactive toy that gos in your car- has a steering wheel which activates a seperate thing that ataches to the back of your car seat really good! and for xmas i have got him a piano toy and a baby walker and activity centre!


  • Right let me see if I can remember...

    Ellie will be coming up to 9 months at Christmas so some of her toys will keep for a wee while. Her main present is from my Mum & it's an eeyore rocker by M&P. She has got the fisher price walk along pram stroller & doll, my 1st baby doll, baby vtech laptop, musical vtech book, mini guitar, musical frog, stacking cups, building blocks, shape sorter bath toy, books, 1st xmas winnie the pooh bear & the 4 classic winnie the pooh bears, 1st xmas 2008 m&p bear, bracelet, money box that you need to break to get the money out of, books, a wooden train that spells her name, wooden letters for her door (if ever we get our own place!), the in the night garden 3 squishy washy things, a musical tree thing from boots, a mountain of clothes & a few other bits that I can't remember!

    This is just from me!!

    Her Daddy has got her the 3 talking in the night garden figures & the 3 plush toys along with some other 'surprises' & he is also buying a new pram for her as I am selling the one we've got at the minute. His Mum has bought her the lion stride to ride & his sister has also got her toys. My friends have got her toys & gift vouchers & I know that my Dad & the rest of my family are going to spoil her rotten too.

    She really is spoilt it's shameful xx imageimage
  • ive got tegan too much, im actually thinking of keeping some of it back and giving it to her in jan/feb as i dont want her to have so much that she doesnt know what to do with herself.
    basic things are, duplo megablocks, bounce and spin zebra, in the night garden right on and then some fisher price amazing animals, in the night garden figures/bits n bobs, loads of clothes and books and then some small stocking fillers.
    im going to keep back her huge shop and kitchen and a few other things that i dont think she is quite ready for.
    im not entirely sure what our family has bought her but it is bound to be lots!! xx
  • I think everything we got was reduced one way or another! We're not going to give her everything on xmas day. She has a stocking that she'll have in the morning and then she might have one or two more that day. Then she'll have 1 or 2 each day after christmas when we're not visiting relatives.
  • after writing down last night how much ellie had i decided to give some of it away to the salvation army family appeal...felt really guilty that she had so much & she doesn't even know what christmas is & there are families out there who literally have nothing image xx
  • charlie is only just 6 weeks at the moment so i got him these hand puppets from asda as the dog barks and thr frog ruppets

    my older one had a duck one which they just love and even now at 3 and 6 they still love them.

    was also going to get the winnie the pooh magic rattle but every where is sold out so going to get it early nest year when they are back in stock.


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  • thanks girls think il add a book to the list!
    Think our babies are gonna be having fun christmases by the sounds of things!
  • after writing down last night how much ellie had i decided to give some of it away to the salvation army family appeal...felt really guilty that she had so much & she doesn't even know what christmas is & there are families out there who literally have nothing image xx

    That's a really lovely thing to do, I'm sure they'll appreciate it.

    We've bought Millie a fisher price Kid tough camera and Barney the Amazing animals train, then they both have a stocking full of things like books, bath toys and bits of clothes. My mum and dad have bought Millie a toy kitchen, Barney a 7 in 1 car thing from Mothercare and have done them a stocking each as well. Then they'll get bits and pieces from the rest of our families. I'd have bought everything I saw but my oh is the voice of reason!!!
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