silly question??

Hi! Me and little one are going swimming on Tuesday, so I bought him an all in one swim suit (he's 10 months) Does he wear a nappy underneath or nothing? Theres no like protection there either? I have no idea!image


  • Hi hon,

    Not silly at all.

    Don't put a normal nappy on underneath as it will just fill with water. :roll:

    If you are worried he may poo pop a swim nappy underneath (Huggies do them and I'm almost sure you can buy them individually in Tesco).

    They don't hold in a wee (but what child doesn't wee in the swimming pool?) but they will hold a poo long enough for you to do something about it! :lol:

    Have a lovely
  • Hi

    My local pool sells them individually for 80p; if your not going to go very often it may be worth calling the pool to see if they do them.

    happy splashing x
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