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Tongue stuck up! (Also in bottlefeeding)

This is a really hard one to describe but I've noticed that my little girl takes her bottle with her tongue at the roof of her mouth. No matter how hard I try I cant get her to put it down so instead I have to hold the bottle fairly losely and she sucks it that way. Do you think this is normal? It takes her about 45 mins to have 70 ml - she is 8 weeks but was 9 weeks early - not sure if this is normal but when she is feeding every 3 hours it feels like we are constantly feeding her!
Thanks for reading


  • Hi,
    I wonder if she could be tongue tied? That by trying to stick it out/under the teat, she only manages to put it up to roof of mouth? Does she seem able to stick her tongue out far? Does the bit that attaches her tongue to the bottom of her mouth look quite tight?
    May be way off but was the only thing that came to mind when I read. Maybe get HV/doc to take a look and see what they think?
    My daughter was born tongue tied but as it didn't affect her feeding we didn't need to do anything about it. Strangely though she seems to have sorted it herself and can now pretty much touch her chin with her tongue, she is always sticking her tongue out and playing with it now the crazy baby!
    I'd mention it to HV/doc when you next see them and see what they think.
    Good luck
  • OMG I can't believe I have found someone else with the same problem! My lo (now nearly 11 months), also had this made feeding(bottlefed) very difficult and a constant battle. In the end the only way we got the teat into the mouth properly was to let him cry, the process of crying made a gap between the tongue and roof of mouth enough to get the bottle in. I showed the problem to my HV she had never seen it before, she just said I am sure it will get better, I thought it wouldn't it was quite a few months before feeding bacame easier. What I put it down to was that my baby had a very strong suck action he was born sucking his thumb and continued for several hours after birth. He just constantly wanted to suck and made by boobies bleed badly within a day or so. Anyway to cut a long story short he certainly doesn't have the problem now, it will go away, just keep going and one day you will suddenly realise it has stopped. Good luck x
  •  i have exactly the same problem.... i had to stop breastfeeding because of how sore and swollen my breasts were.... at one point it was taking us 2 hours to get a 3oz feed down him, fortunately were now managing 5oz in 30 mins but he still persists to put his tongue to the roof of his mouth all the time, wish there was a way to help him put it underneath

  • I know what you mean Skinnycow. I've felt like that for the past week or so and it's terrible. Luckily the little guy is still getting all that he needs, because I am WORN OUT.



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