dd wont drink milk

dd is 5months old and has been having solids since 4 months. she was doing really well and had only dropped a oz per feed until last friday.

she wolfs her solids down and gets all excited when she sees the bowl and spoon but is refusing the milk.
i have tried giving her the milk before the food then topping up with solids but she will take about 1-2 oz then screams and fights. she pushes the bottle out of her mouth either with her tongue or her hand.

as soon as i lay her in my arms to give her the bottle she screams because she knows what is coming. she then screams when she sees the bottle coming.

once i calm her down and she goes in the high chair she will eat the food no problem.

she sleeps through the night now for 11-12 hours so is on 4 bottle/meals per day. she will take anywhere from 2-3 oz per feed. im at my wits end.

i have to wait until wednesday before i see the hv.
i cant cut out a meal as she wont take the milk even if no food comes after it


  • Hey hun. Could you perhaps try her with a cup?

    Just try and give her plenty of dairy - youghurts etc... in the mean time until you see the HV.
  • i have tried giving milk before after and half way through but nothing makes a differnce.

    i have tried her with milk in a cup but she still isnt interested.

    i thought babies had to be 7 months before they can have yoghurts and diary, she is 5 months.

    she has folic acid for iron and has daily vitamins as she was prem.
  • My first reply didn't work...............

    Have you tried giving it at another time completely seperate from solids, or when she's sleepy and less likely to put up a fight and will want a cuddle?

    Could she try to hold the bottle and be sitting up in something or against something so she's in control more?

    You can give the petit fleur yogurts from 4 months,
    how about giving some of the baby cereals suitable from 4 months mixed with some of her milk? and baby rice too, it all counts to add to what she's having.

    6 months or 26 weeks weeks is when they can eat anything from.

  • We've had this for about a month with Teagan, she's now getting back into a routine, but she's spaced her feeds out to 4 hours instead of 3 now. For ages she was only interested in food and screamed when she saw a bottle, some feeds I was only managing to get her to take 1 oz, but my HV said she was still happy and healthy and just try to mix as much milk in with her feeds as possible and keep offering liquids - milk or juice so that she didn't get dehydrated.

    I was really worried to start with but like Katie said, there's no point fighting it because you end up upset and so does your baby which isn't good for anyone.

    Corinna x
  • katie does gracie have any milk during the day? if not what do you give her?

    dd is much better on her morning feed but that because she hasnt had anything for 12 hours and is starving so would eat a scabby horse. she is a little better at supper than the rest of the day but its still an up hill struggle.

    as she has folic acid, sytron and multivits im not too bothered about the lack of milk its the calcium that i worry about and the lack of fluids.

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