Probably been done before but filling in tax credits form

My little man was born in may and i've just got round to filling in my tax credits. I used to work 30 hours a week before I went on mat leave on 22nd feb and it says in the form to put your regular hours before you left for mat so i've put 30 down. I will be going back to work the first week of jan but will be going down in how much I get a hour as I have stepped down from supervisor and I will only be doing part time at 20 hours. Do I let them know this when I go back or now? Also do I let them know im on maternity leave and that I will only be getting paid matenity till the 1st week in nov then after that I wont be getting paid till I start my 2 week hols in dec before I go back? If so how do I do it. Its all so confusing as its worked out from last years earnings so not sure what to do and when you phone you go through the whole recorded message before they tell you theres no one available to take your call.

Any help would be much appriciated as im so confused :\?



  • James was born in Jan. From what I remember I gave them all the info as before maternity leave, and when I return to work at the beginning of October I'll amend info then. Until I get a payslip, I have no idea what my wage will be anyway! :roll: HTH. xx
  • You need to give them all the info for the last year April 2009-April 2010. This will probably mean you are giving them a higher figure than what you are receiving now if you are on SMP. Therefore once you get your awards letter from them, you will need to call and advise them that you are now on SMP and your payments should go up. They wont take SMP into consideration until they first work it out on last years salary (silly really)

    I received my awards letter and was getting ??20ish, then called them to say I was now on SMP and my wage had gone down by a large amount and my tax credit has now gone up to nearly ??50 per week. Just make sure you call them as soon as you get your first awards letter because they wont back date the higher amount.

    I hope that makes sense image

    D xxx
  • Oh also try calling this number 01355 359 007, you should get through straight away. (It is for overseas call, but they have dealt with me both times Ive used it) HTH xxx
  • Thank you ladies. Its all such a pain in the bum!! xx
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