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Getting Mobile!!

Amber is now a fully mobile crawling baby!!!!

She's been 'crawling' for about a week taking 1 0r 2 'paces' but last night at my in laws she suddenly went for it and crawled the length of their living room!
She's got even better this morning and is now crawling at speed!!

Ethans actually quite bothered by it though as she is of course after all of his toys, we've already had a couple of incidents this morning where Ethans shoved Amber or hit her for grabbing his toys or attempting to climb his toy box!!

Oh well, he'll soon get used to it!!


  • Well done Amber, there will be no stopping her now.
    Bless Ethan, i bet he didn't realise she would start moving!
  • Hi Tasha,

    You will need eyes in the back of your head now!! It's great Amber is crawling but if she's anything like Charl she'll get faster and faster until she's like lightening.

    Like you say Ethan will get used to it. He'll learn where to put things out of reach!
  • Well done Amber!!!!!
  • GO Amber!!!!! Well done little one!

    Its lovely when they master something.
    Katelin commando crawled for ages as we have a wooden floor and her knees kept sliding.
  • I think it'll be the same in our house Boo. Niamh loves opening presents and Tara loves eating the paper.
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