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Daniel is nearly 2 1/2 and to cut his nails is a nightmare,i have to pin his leg under my arm as i fight for at least 10-20mins to cut his nails but his nails are really bad,there starting to curl under and cut in to his skin,so i only did it last week and i needed to cut one nail this morning cos it was curling under again and about to cut in to his skin,does anyone have any helpfull hints on what to do :\( i dont want him to end up in hospital cos hes got a infection or they have to do something drastic to him



  • My eldest is nearly 3 and until recently it's been a nightmare doing her nails. If she had an afternoon nap and was absolutely zonked she didn't stir at all so I used to do them then. She still hates having them done but is now getting used to it, sometimes dare I say I bribe her with a biscuit or something! Have you tried while he's asleep or is he a really light sleeper?
  • Maybe give it a go in the bath?
  • What about in front of a fav telly programme?

    And Donk it's not bribery it's an incentive :lol:
  • hes a light sleeper so cant do it while hes asleep,i could try and get oh to do it when there both in the bath but ive got a feeling that wont work :lol: and ive tried the bribery and that doesnt work ither :lol: but thanks for the surgestions

  • Lexie was always a nightmare until i had Leah and she saw me doing hers then she wanted to have the same done as her little sister can you do your younger ones first to show him its ok then do his?
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