For those that used Dr Browns Bottles

DS is now 7 months and I was wondering whether I still need to use the Dr Browns bottles. Has anyone that changed over to Dr Browns reverted back to your initial bottles and if so how was the transition with baby? DS doesn't seem to suffer with wind problems anymore and can get his own wind up easily but he does still have reflux. I just find the Dr Browns such a pain to clean and use when out and about! xx


  • I was the same - I hated cleaning them - such a pain in the arse!!! Toby was about 6-7 months when we stopped using them. He was having problems with his reflux and then the teats weren't big enough for his new, thicker milk... so we changed to Avent using variflow teats and have been using them ever since. Toby is 10-months on Friday and has 2 bottles a day.
  • I switched the girls to Avent bottles for the very same reason - a pain to clean. We started using Dr Browns when they were about 2 months and I stopped last month when they were 8 months. We've had no issues, they just do bigger burps now!!
    The girls also only have 2 bottles a day now
  • Thanks girls! Glad I'm not the only one. I need to replace the teats on the Dr Brown's so I think I will just buy new teats for his TT bottles today instead. I'm all excited about being able to fit all my bottles in the steriliser again!! The Dr Browns have been a godsend but boy, are they a pain!! xx
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