Camping with a LO

Hello ladies, just wondering if any of you have been camping with a LO my dd is 8 months old and we are thinking of going camping just for two night over the bank hol weekend, i really want to go but am really worried about my little one, if she will be okay, if she will be able to sleep etc! Havn't decided to go yet or not, just wondering if anybody had any advice or tips? Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks girls x


  • I personally havent been camping yet with Sian (she is 11 months) much to my OH's huffs lol
    Tho my friend who has 2 kids, one is 3 other is nearly 1, goes all the time, think they just bring plenty of blankets etc.
    I am think of maybe going for a few nights in a caravan first then maybe try a tent lol
  • I went to a festival with my 4 month old a few weeks back, it was fine and good fun. We used the winter pram snuggle blankets and bugaboo nest and he slept well through the night.. babies are fine and adaptable, it's just the mum's back you need to worry about...
  • We took my LO when she was about 11 months. Luckily we have a huge tent, so we took the travel cot but she hated it! She ended up sleeping with my husband on a double airbed in one 'pod' and I had a single airbed in another 'pod' (we did it that way because I refuse to have a baby in bed with me) Apart from the sleeping we had no problems at all, we took one of those booster "highchair" seat things to feed her in, at least it kept her still!

    Can't wait for next year now, she'll enjoy it all the more image xx
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