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ready brek, weetabix...sugar?

hi girls, i have been giving my twiin boys baby porridge for breakfast but now they are over 6 months i want to feed them ready brek or weetabix. i have tried both of them and both of them turned their noses up as they arent sweet enough. any ideas of how to make them sweeter without adding sugar. i did try adding banana to the ready brek but this didnt go down too good. can we add a tiny bit of sugar to the breakfast or is this a big NO NO. i am guessing it is.

thanks girls.



  • I salute your boys' taste! Readybrek on its own is foul! :lol: I mix a fruit pur????e into Peter's, usually an Organix one, but sometimes half a Plum pouch for a change. It gives sweetness but isn't refined sugar.

    Weetabix he eats with banana but I can see I am going to have a battle later on as dad has sugar on his Weetabix. Peter just hasn't noticed yet. image
  • I do as historygirl says, i make a lot of purees at the start of the week, apple and pear and apple and strawberry or something like that and make a weeks worth for the freezer then just defrost and ass them to his ready brek. Worth a go?
    As for adding sugar, i'm sure it wouldn't do them harm but maybe not a good idea to get them into a bad habit of liking sugary breakfast. That said, they're your babies and its ultimately your decision!
    Sorry if thats not much help!

  • pippa refused point blank to eat readybrek and weetabix when she was 6 months so i left it for a month and tried her again and she loved them. She will now eat them happily without anything in them (she's nearly a year) so maybe try them again in a few week, no idea why she suddenly decided she likes them but she did, but then when we started weaning she hated banana but now loves them :lol:
  • I mix fruit puree into the girls' cereal too
  • I also use fruit puree.
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