When do you drop bottles and how?

My LO is 6 months and 1 week.

He is eating breakfast, lunch and pudding, and tea and pudding, and is also having snacks in between sometimes, small portions of finger foods.

He has never been a milk drinker and has never had more than 6oz. His feeds are currently going like this;

Milk - 8.00am, 12.00pm, 4.00pm and 8.00pm - he usually wakes in the night for a bottle around 5.30am and depending on if he has woke a few times since being put to bed he might have a dreamfeed at 11.00pm.

Food - Porridge is given after his 8.00am bottle using formula left over he usually has 3oz at this feed. Lunch is at 1.00pm and tea is at 5.00pm as this suits us as a family.

So what would you do? Any advice regarding my feeding? What do you guys do?

Thanks in advance xx


  • Can I also add, its rare he finishes a bottle, he can take anything between 2 and 4 oz but I always like to ofer 6oz. I'm just wasting so much milk, and its not cheap is it!

  • You could try dropping the 12pm feed first but make sure hs is having protein for his lunch instead of milk...ie meat or lentils etc...if you are worried about milk have you tried him with yoghurts, semolina or rice pudding???

    My DD isnt a big milk drinker either so we 'lose' some of her milk that way. As long as he is having his 20oz some way I dont think it really matters xx
  • Thanks for the reply joe. I was thinking that - just a little unsure :S

    I always give DS a meat dish for his lunch and a veg one for dinner, also give him rice pudding and yoghurts so going right there lol.

  • Hi hun,

    My daughter is bf so slightly different situation as i still feed on demand. When we first started weaning i fed her at 8am, 11am, 3pm and 7pm. She very quickly went on to three meals a day and no longer 'asked' for her 11am feed so i just dropped it and she hasn't missed it at all. Now, 5 weeks on, she usually has a milk feed at 8am, 4pm and 7pm (as well as a night feed).

    I would try dropping the 12noon feed and take it from there. Just offer more yoghurts and use full fat milk in his food.

    He will soon let you know if he still needs that feed. Although, going by what you have said, he may not miss it.

  • hello

    at 6 months we were on 4 bottles that came down to 3 at 7 months, he still needs approx 20 oz of milk/dairy a day until the age of 1 so we have 3 7oz bottles at 7, 3 and 7

    it may be worth moving the milk more inbetween his solid feeds instead of a hour before, we dropped his mid morning bottle as he was too full from his brekkie and the few oz he would take stopped him from having his dinner, we did have to move his meal times around to find a good balance though, we have food at 8, 12ish and 5ish

    do you think hes actually hungry in the night? could it be he is waking out of habit? might be that he is filling up at night and not interested in the day??
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