East Surrey Hospital

Did anyone give birth at East Surrey Hospital? I would like to hear any experiences or advice etc.

Also, I'd like a water birth and wondered how many pools there were or whether i'm likely to be disappointed.



  • i did and i had the best experience ever! i thought everyone was so lovely and i had such a good midwife delivering my daughter. jasmine was born at 34 weeks and was in special care for a while. they were also fantastic. i had also spent some time on the maternity ward which was also brilliant.
    there is a low risk unit for mums who would like a water birth etc and they have one pool room which looked very nice.
    the only thing i could ever fault is the food there but u may not have to endure the 3 weeks of it that i did.
    hope this helps, any other questions just shout!xxxx
  • Thank you for the reply. Most of the comments I've heard from friends have been reassuring but I think few people have heard horror stories. I'm glad you had a good experience in what must have been a worrying time with early labour.
    Judging by a comment in my notes sent through from midwife (i'm seeing her in 2 weeks) it looks like I may not be able to have baby in the midwife led unit as hoped but would really like a water birth. I thought some hospitals had pools for pain relief in the main units too. I'm hoping this is wrong as it appears to be due to risk of sickle cell due to hubby's heritage and not anything medical.

    Hopefully I won't be in long enough to worry about the food or I'll have to send hubby to get me some snacks!
    They were lovely when we went for scan and tests so I'm hoping this continues. I'm 14+2 so got a while yet but just wanted reassurance.
    I may come back to you with questions!xx
  • Hi I gave birth at East Surrey and have to say the care I received prior to labour and during was fantastic. I had a hard labour in the end but through no fault of hospital and the doctor was very good and I had forceps but no epistomy which you usually end up with but he did a good job of telling me exactly what to do to stop me from tearing (sorry!). The labour rooms all have a normal bath in them so I used that for pain relief. All the midwives seemed good and only the odd one or two could do with some manners. They were great in labour.
    They do hospital tours as well so you can have a good look round.
    Good luckXX
  • Hi i had a c-sec at ESH in september. They were brilliant, always there when you pushed the button they looked after us brilliantly. Especially everyone in theatre they really put me at ease!!

    Good luck!! xxx
  • Thanks girls, I'm so pleased to hear of the positive experiences.x
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