8 week jabs

Hi everyone, my DS is 9 weeks 3 days and has got his first immunisations on Thursday. I am absolutely terrified! I want him to have them but I'm so scared that he will have an awful reaction. I stupidly googled and found horror stories of babies going blind or being brain damaged and it has left me really scared. I just don't know what to expect. He is such a good baby- never cries unless hungry and I just can't imagine him being unwell! Really dreading it.

Sorry for the moan!

Daffodil & Andrew 9w+3d



  • My DS has only had a reaction to his 3rd set of jabs and that was to have a high temp that night...you are doing the best thing possible and hard as it is you shouldn't worry. Most reactions are nothing that can't be fixed with a little Calpol and a lot of cuddles!
  • Awe hun, with ds's first jabs he wasn't really unwell just whingy and very clingy...spent the whole day attached to mummy. I did give him done calpol later on and after finally having a nap in his cot he woke up back to his happy self for a little while. Hope you're little man copes ok too x
  • Thanks girls, that's making me feel a bit better. He's such a smiley wee thing that it's going to be really difficult for m to see him upset!!x
  • Ds cried from about 10seconds after the first one til about 20seconds after the second...dummy and a mummy cuddle and all was fine. He got a high temp with the third lot too....which he thought was so funny when daddy was away and mummy was up all night rechecking his temp every half hour!
  • Hi hun,

    My little boy had his first set of jabs last week and I'll admit I was dreading it! I was a nervous wreck on the morning and I'm so glad I had arranged for my mum to come for support as hubby was working. My mum held him while he had the jabs while I stood in the corner holding back tears! Lol! My little man did cry more so after the second one. He was really whingy afterwards not his usual smiley self. So I gave him 2.5mls of calpol which the doc had prescribed. He had a good nap and was more or less fine. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but I'm glad I had my mum there to hold him while it was done, I couldn't have done it. I do plan to have her or hubby there for his next lot too. I'm just a big whimp!! Lol! My little man was fine though. Xx
  • DD was really brave, she didn't even cry for her first set of jabs! She did a bit for 2nd and 3rd but was smiling away at the nurse before we even left the room! She didn't have any reaction to any of hers.

    Hope they go well
  • Thanks girls. My mum is coming with me as my husband is working. She has offered to hold him while he has jabs. I won't even be able to look!!
  • just want to say that severe reactions are very rare..

    Megan hasnt had her1st jabs yet despite approaching 12 weeks - they are next week (Dont get me started on my crap gp and hv) so she is having to have 3 the first time which im not looking forward too...

    some babies have a slight reaction - temperature, grouchiness etc and it usually resolves in the first 24-48hours but some babies are not phased by it in the slightest..

    i have vaccinated thousands of times and i have honestly never come across a severe reaction (even with the more 'controversial' ones like mmr) but despie this i am still dreading Megan having them as its different as she is mine and not someone elses and i know it wont be nice for her and i just want her to be ok - also i dont have alot of faith in my hv so will be questioning everything they do and watching very closely...god help them lol! as long as you have a decent hv and trust their practive your little man will be fine just have some calpol in for afterwards just incase he does spike a temperature!!

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