Has anyones baby had one? Ava is 10 months nad has had a very bad cold. Went into chek on her last night and there was blood on her sheets and she was having a nose bleed image

Anyone had this?


  • Sorry i cant help but that must have been so frightening for you!!! Hope she gets better soon xxx
  • Thanks you - well so far today nothing so hopefully it was a one off. I phoned the Dr and we had been using the Calpol Sline spray and they think maybe that hurt the inside of her nose and made it bleed image can't believe it would do that when its made for babies image
  • Im so glad i read your post this morning.
    I just got JJ out of the bath and he was having a screaming fit and found it hard to catch his breath, then loads of snot came out which had some blood in!! I would have FREAKED if i had not read your post!!! So thanks!!! xxxxx
  • What bizarre timing! Glad to be of help image Hope hes ok x x
  • hi hun, have u been using any saline solution for her cold? JJ's nose bleeds within minutes of using it, apparently it can dry some LO's noses out and they just crack and bleed...try not to worry x
  • Hello

    I have! I think that must be it you know. Phew, at least I know what to avoid in future, scary stuff!! Thank you ladies x
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