pros and cons of a small age gap

me and oh are thinking about whether to have baby no 5 but was wondering as all our age gaps are large what the pros and cons of a small age gap are.come on girls give me your points claire


  • Pros.

    .Your already used to looking after a baby.
    .Your used to sleepless nights
    .Your used to nappy changes
    .Your used to making/feeding bottles
    .You have everything you already need.
    .Children will be able to more stuff together.
    .They go through school together.
    .They'll go through the same stages together i.e schooling, nursery etc.

    Can't think of any cons!! I have 12 months between my 2 and absolutly love it!!

    What age gaps have you got already?

  • hi
    5 years then 4 years then 6 years lo is 10 weeks old but im almost 34 so were 50/50 whether to have no 5 claire
  • I fell pregnant when my DD was 11 weeks old. Was worried at first but know I love having them close together. Go for it I say. You could just not try, but not exactly not try if you know what I mean and if you PG then you get PG. Whatever is meant to be will be.

  • Hi Claire

    There's 14 months between my 2nd and 3rd, and just over 2 years between 1st and 2nd.

    Casper (no 1) is 3, Alex (no 2) is 15 months and Toby (no 3) is 5 weeks tomorrow.

    I agree with all the pros that MrsAckles has mentioned, can't really think of any more.

    Some of them could be cons though, like the sleepless nights could seem to go on for ever when the age gap is so small. We've had to start controlled crying with Alex in the past couple of weeks as he was such a bad sleeper and couldn't go to sleep without being cuddled to sleep, thankfully we've cracked it with him and he'll settle himself and sleep 7pm - 8am now. I couldn't have coped with that for much longer so that was definitely a con of having a small gap for me.

    Good luck TTC if you do decide to go for it. We're the opposite of you and your OH, we've decided to wait for a few years now and decide if we want another one when Toby is ready to start school.

    Kelly x
  • there is 19m between oliver and evie and im always amazed by how oliver is with her, he gives her a kiss and says sorry if he makes her jump and tells everyone to shhh when she is sleeping image but i had big age gaps too, my eldest is 17, then 12 and oliver is 2 and evie 9m
    i definately think a closer age is better, the older 2 never really played together much so i really had to stretch myself to entertain them both with stuff they would both like,
    good luck ttc. xxx
  • Hi Claire, My story is very simular to that of Kellys, I have 3 children, 2 years and a week between 1 and 2, then 15.5 months between 2 and 3. We have 3 girls tho, Molly almost 4, Charlotte nearly 2 and Olivia 7 months. The early months were hard but I love the way they all interact and play with one another. I wouldnt have it ne other way but it can be hard work at times.
    Kelly my oh also wants to wait for number 4 when Olivia starts school. Im not sure I can wait that long tho!! x x x
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