Lo had mmr jab today..

..and boy did she cry. Oh came with me as I was really nervous. I know the connection with autism has been unproved but it was still on my mind, and also any after affects that she could have.I just hope she doesn't get any rashes etc like the nurse said she could get.

She was ok when we got home and has got off to sleep ok (so far).

At least it's another couple of years until her next one!
What we put our lo's tru to keep them safe & healthy


  • Neve has got hers in three weeks and I feel exactly the same as you ccbmommy.

    A friend of mine who has two girls said that with both of hers it wasn't until 2 or three weeks later that they had a few really grotty days where they were grizzly and under the weather - she mentioned it to her gp and he told her that it was the MMR and its incubation time is longer that many other inoculations.

    Isn't it an awful shriek when they go for injections - I often feel like crying right along with them out of guilt!
  • The nurse said it takes about 8 to 10 days when the measles part takes effect and that's when they can get a fever/rash like if they had measles.
    She's been fairly ok with all her last lot of injections but of course this is a totally new vaccination to her system.
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