ideas for healthy dessert after meal for 19 week baby?

millie has homemade purrees and will eat anything i give her but shes not that keen on the fruit i make she hates the mango and yougurt i made so ive no i dea what to give her as a dessert after her meal? shes had shop bought baby rice pudding before what she loved and a fromage frais but i cant give these all the times as they r not very healthy. she has tried the organic fruit with rice pots but doesnt seem that keen on them. any good ones out there?? she doesnt like mango! xx


  • Gabe loves fruit mixed with baby rice and milk as it makes it more creamy.

    He likes banana. His all time fave has been banana and pear,sounds weird but he loved it!
  • Most of the jars are pretty good now you know, and it's an easy way to introduce the taste. I have to try Alfie on things a good 2-3 times before he eats it well, but i don't get time to make too much so i wanted an idea of his tastes so i bought the hipp and heinz and cow and gate jars of just fruit mixes really, i needn't have worried though - he eats anything! I have also been recommended a book which has good recipes in - some women writes it - and for the life of me my hormones won't let go of the name!! If i remember i'll post it on tomorrow!! Sorry!
  • Lily loves banana mushed up in a bowl! Or pear, I make my own pear puree as it's easy to do. She will eat apple but def prefers the other two for the time being.
  • have u tried natural yoghurt?grace loves it and its healthy too,you could mix some fruit puree to sweeten it up.The goodies rice puddings are a hit with grace too also the rachels organics baby yoghurts she loves and they have no sugar in so will be perfect for your lo xxx
  • i made the mango with natural yougurt and she hated it but dont know if it was the yougurt or the mango i think it was a bit sour. i have bought some fruit bannana custard pots and i have some fruit ones still in the cupboard she ate alot 2day but i think it was becos i put it in the fridge so it was really cold and was prob nice on her gums as shes teething. thanks for ideas xx
  • At 19 weeks I wouldn't really advise any dairy - they should be 6 months before they have dairy!
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