its so cute

finley starts nursery properly in 10 weeks as thats when i return to work and i have to take him some spare clothes everday so i bought him a little rucksack. it cost we 3 quid new on ebay, its a penguin and it has feet and wings. it is the cutest thing ever but soooo sad - he is goin to nursery.

dont really know the point of this post (i think im feelin a bit sad!) but felt i needed to post.


  • awww bless.

    i remember taking my son to nursery for the first time and expecting him to get upset as i left and was surprised that he didn't! I was gutted that he didn't care that i'd left but would have been even worse if he'd cried as i was leaving. lol. Can't win really. lol

    Good luck on his first day

    Lisa xxx
  • thank you, iv made my mates work on my 1st day back cos they may give me some meds from the trolley if it all gets too
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