My lo is like a little spider!!!

Charlotte, after 3 and half months of commando crawling, has suddenly decided to crawl on all fours.
She started at Xmas and now scurries across the floor like a whirlwind, she's so fast! Now I really do need eyes in the back of my head. I was hoping she would be standing more by now as she's 1 next week, but at least she's moving.

She has also started to open & close doors a lot so need to get those door stoppers so no fingers are trapped. I've also discovered she likes to empty her cupboard drawers of clothes & blankets..........!!!

Bless her, my little angel x


  • oh i can't wait till the day i see wade crawl image but then i will wish the opposite... he hasn't even mastered the turning over bit yet his 5months. problem out ere is u don't tend to put bubs on floor to much cause its a cold hard tiled floor so i try put him on his play gym hoping he will learn that way..
    good luck with ur little spider xx
  • oh well done charlotte! im actually dreading cameron crawling cos he is just rolling everywhere at the min and he is still managing to get about a lot!!
    i bet now she's off she'll be walking in no time!
  • Bless her! My friend's little girl's (11 months) current favourite game is emptying mummy's sock drawer and hiding the socks in as many different locations as possible! That and unravelling the loo roll :lol:
  • Well done Charlotte! There will be no stopping her now! You're going to need eyes in the back of your head!
  • yay well done charlotte!! freya has been crawling for a while and yesterday she learned to climb the stairs! oh the joy.
    look out now tere will be no stopping her! x
  • She was quick with the commando crawling but I just can't believe the speed of her crawling now!
    She "stands up" on her knees a lot and will stand whilst hanging onto us so I'm sure cruising is a few weeks away yet. At least she is keeping me fit!
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