Im only 8 weeks but Tesco have sterilisers on half price and I have vouchers that need to be used by tomorrow so thought id get one. They have the Tommy Tippee digital one and the Advent digital one (I think - correct me if im wrong). Anyone have any recommendations? Do you use either of these? Are they any good or am I wasting my money? Any help would be appreciated as I dont really know what im doing with all this baby malarky!

Gemma xx


  • hiya love, we use the TT microwave sterliser. all our friends who had babies told us to get the microwave one as its so easy! all we do is wash all the bottles, put them in the microwave sterliser add 200ml of water, put in for 6 minutes and leave for 3 mins then bingo all done! xxx
  • I've just packed ours away now that DD is one (sob!!) but we used the Avent steam one for both of ours and it was fab. DS is nearly 4 and we got it when he was born so it's an older model but still going strong. We originally bought Tommee Tippee bottles for DD as they were on offer but they didn't fit well in the Avent steriliser (plus she didn't like them at all) so we switched her to Avent bottles too. May be worth bearing in mind which bottles you're likely to be using too.

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