• eeeeewwwww, it tastes rank i cant imagine it would be any better as a cheese!!
  • definately not!
  • I quite liked the taste of my booby juice actually image but I think that breastmilk cheese is taking it a little to far ...
  • Lol no I wouldn't! Makes me feel a bit funny actually and I love bf'ing. Is it an early April Fool?? x
  • :lol: thats soooo wrong!! image
  • Eeeoooo, why would someone even TRY to make this??? Mad!
  • i dont think so - although my milk only really tasted like a sweet version of cows milk i cant see me wanting to eat it as a cheese.

  • actually.....thinking about it i remember reading or hearing soewhere something about breastmilk is the only milk that acn not be made into cheese because the fat content is too low. .. in fact i think it was on an episode of come dine with me and the woman was some cheese expert and they kept talking about cheese lol, so perhaps it is an april fool, like the spaghetti trees lol.
  • I am a huge supporter in bf, and I think if a husband wants to try bm I think that's ok.. but making it into cheese and giving it to strangers... a bit too far.
  • "It turned out that breast milk can not curdle, because the protein content is lower,"

    "In Costa Rica, there have been trials to produce cheese and custard from human milk as an alternative to weaning."

    i'm assuming that last quote is suggesting that those trails were not succesful, or it wld say they were??? and i can't read the trail my self as they're all in spanish. xx
  • I was only saying to DH yesterday that we'd have to make some ice cream from BM for LO as she won't be old enough for real ice cream in the summer and I didn't want her to miss out - but I was joking... this must be an early April fool - surely :\? It looks like regular goat's cheese in the picture.

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