First Cold

My little man has his first cold at 20 weeks bless him, Anyone got any top tips to help deal with it?

He's all bunged up and has a slight cough, but at the moment is still his chatty smilely self.

He's had some calpol and I also have some snuffle babe, is there any thing else you would reconmend?


  • We all have it in our house except Oh who has man flu :lol:

    fingers crossed George doesn't get any worse, he was really snoring last night!
  • He had a nice 3 hour nap this lunch time, and seems his happy self, just still abit snotty, so hopefully the sleep has done him good.

    I shall give him some calpol again at bedtime and see what happens
  • I f you can get some nose drops like nasosol it would help him - they help to clear the nose to help lo's breath better. I agree with Zoe too about raising the head part of the cot.
  • just be careful with nose drops cuz if they're not REALLY blocked up then they can do more harm than good...JJ was prescribed them by GP to be used before every feed but they dried his nose out so much it bled, my cousin who's a nurse said they shouldnt be used unless the LO literally cant breathe with being so blocked x
  • I would just keep using Snuffle babe and calpol. They're really good. Medised is great to use before bed, but only if he's really bad, as it does knock them out a bit! Nose drops did help us, but tbh it was too much hassle putting them in (he screams!), not worth the trouble!xx
  • I'll try raising the end of his cot up tonight. I did think about getting some nose drops today, but he hasn't been struggerling with feeding!

    Thanks girls
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