My princess is 1 tomorrow!

I know I wont be on here tomorrow as Charlotte will be 1!! And we'll be busy opening all her pressies & cards then hopefully if the weather is ok we'll go out somewhere nice for the day.

Can't believe how fast this past year has gone. Been looking at her newborn photos and she has changed soooo much! We had a lovely party for her on Saturday with a fab cake.

I don't think I'll be moving to toddler forum yet if I can stay here pls!! She's not toddling yet anyway so she's still my little baby xx



    Enjoy the day hun- its so special on their first birthday, and ur right, u will be VERY busy lol!!! Shayla was still opening prezzies 2 days later as she had a party and it was very hectic
    I hope u have a lovely day tommorrow,
    Hannah xxx
  • bless her they grown up to quick
    happy birthday charlotte for 2 tomorrow
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