Tummy sleepers and monitor advice please.

Hi ladies.

My little prince Kaleb is 5+2 and is most definitely a tummy sleeper. Usually I only allow him to sleep on his tummy during his daytime naps as I am up and about and able to keep an eye on him. At night I usually put him down on his back or I allow him to fall asleep on his tummy and then I turn him onto his back once he is asleep. However I'm finding that he doesn't stay settled for very long on his back and when he starts fussing if I turn him onto his tummy he goes straight back to sleep. Now my mum (and others of her generation) insist that it's ok for baby to sleep on his tummy as this was the advice back in their day, but obviously todays advice is to lay baby on their back.

Tonight Kaleb wouldn't settle on his back and so is laying on his tummy. He has woken for his nite feed, I have fed him etc and put him back down and again only settled on his tummy. So he is currently on his tum and I can't sleep cuz I'm worried so need to keep checking on him!! What do u think I should do? I'm thinking of investing in one of those movement and sound monitors- I know Tommee Tippee and Angelcare do them. Can anyone recommend one?? Do you think one of these would suffice and put me at ease?? I obviously want my prince to sleep well but I dread the worst thing happening so don't want to make the wrong decision...

Just to add as well that for his age I think Kaleb has very strong neck control and tosses his head from side to side pretty easily while he is sleeping. I very rarely have to intervene but obviously wouldn't want to assume that he'll be ok and then him not be...

Please can anyone offer me some advice/opinions? I can't be laying awake all night every night!

Thanks in advance, a very tired yet worried Keenbean xx


  • congratulations on your new LO!
    I too established early on that my DS was a tummy sleeper and we went out and bought the TT ultimate sensor monitor and it has been fantastic! He was sleeping 12 hours straight at 10 weeks because he was so much more comfy on his tummy, before this he was waking 2 or 3 times in the night!
    The monitor definitely made things easier and i could stop worrying knowing if anything did happen i would be alerted within 20seconds!

    good luck x
  • I have the Angelcare and it provides me with massive reassurance. I don't think I would sleep without it.xx
  • Marissa has reflux an always found it more comfy on her tummy.

    I bought the angelcare one and let her sleep on her sie, an if she turned on her tummy I would check on her a couple of times even though the monitor was on, but i would have been so much more if I hadnt got the monitor.

  • Hi

    We bought the angelcare one before we had Tyler as it was on offer in asda, never really gave it a second thought until he started rolling onto his tummy. It was reassuring, but a word of warning, we've had several false alarms when we go charging into his room to find that he has moved so much in his sleep the monitor looses contact with him so sounds the alarm. Now that he is older (8 months) we only use the sound aspect as he sleeps on his side which also sometimes interferes. Also if you have a fan or anything on in the room, the motion monitors are less sensitive as they pick up the vibration and interpret that as movement.

  • I posted regarding this last week. Our little Fearne is also a tummy sleeper and on the advicde of these lovely ladies, bought a TT sensor pad monitor. I'm going to be moving her into her cot the end of this week & use it then.

    shockedmummy, I love the sound of 12 hours at 10 weeks.....fingers crossed, eh!

    Oh, I also found my monitor on ebay, is used but the sensor pad hasnt been. Paid ??23 for it, also, Asda have them for ??40 new too

  • Like you I agonised over the decision to let my daughter sleep at night on her tummy when it became evident that that was what she wanted to do from 8 weeks, as many times as our Mums say to us that that's how it used to be it's so difficult to ignore the stats.

    I too have the TT sensor montior and it has been a godsend and does mean that I get a good nights sleep without worrying. We have had some false alarms but to be honest for the peace of mind it gives us they are really not a big deal.

    My daughter also slept much better after we allowed her to sleep on her tum at night, we really turned a corner!

    Good luck!
  • I'm so happy reading all these posts about tummy sleepers. My little frog is 7 months, still sleeps on her tummy and has done since she was a couple of weeks old as she just wouldn't settle on her back. She suffered from colic too and as a result of being placed on her tummy, she settled easier. She slept through the night (8 hrs from 8 weeks and 12 hours from 10 weeks and ever since!) I think the monitors are great although I didnt use one as I felt she had a strong neck and had no trouble turning from side to side from a very young age.
  • Thanks for the advice and recommendations ladies. I thinki'm definitely going to get a monitor for more peace of mind. Discussed it with the husband and he agrees it would be good because he stays awake too. Gonna look around to see whether i can get a good deal on either the Tommee Tippee or Angelcare.

    I suspect i'll probably still check on DS a few times even with the monitor initially but i think there's more chance of mebeing able to relax and sleep knowing that the monitor is in place.

    It's true about no being able to ignore the advice as even though part of me feels like DS will be fine i just know i'd never forgive myself if something happened and i'd only have myself to blame as the advice is clear. It's just difficult when tummy sleeping is clearly baby's prefered position to be in!

    Thanks again ladies,
    Keenbean xx
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