He proposed on holiday! YAY!

Well hello ladies. Just got back from a glorious 10 days in Lanzarote bearing great news that Johnny Boy asked me to marry him half way through our holiday! I couldn`t believe it, i am so excited and have already started looking on the internet at possible places for the reception etc. What an eager beaver!!!. We had a great time there, but really it was too hot for Ellie. It should`ve been about 21 but it was actually 28/29oc. Would have been perfect if we were still young selfish individuals that could lay by the pool every day but with a 5 month baby things were a little different this time to say the least!!
Sorry about the essay but i`m just so excited that i haven`t shut up for a week about first dances, dresses churches, cars .....................................:lol::lol:


  • How exciting!

    Huge congratulations!

    Glad you had a great time, thats very hot!
  • How lovely, huge congratulations xxx

    My hubby proposed in Cyprus and i spent a fortune ringing home telling everyone, too much to ask for me to wait till we got home...lol.
  • yay, congratulations!

  • yay, congratulations!

  • yay, congratulations!

  • Congratulations x
  • big congrats hun. any ideas on a date? x
  • Lovely news hun! x
  • Congratulations!!!

    How was the hol with your little one, any tips?? x
  • Wow!! Congratulatons!!

  • Thanks girls, i`m so excited! We haven`t decided properly on a date yet because we want to sell up and move this year so we think it`s gonna be 2011. The only other problem is that we wanted to have our children quite close to one another and if we wait till 2011 then there is going to be a 3 1/2 yr age gap between Ellie and baby, depending on whether i conceive straight away or not after a May wedding. So many factors that always seem to get in the way!
    Just been reading posts and CONGRATS TO TALLKATIE!! There`s love in the air at the moment it seems! I he that everything goes really well for you, try not to get too stressed. You haven`t got long though which is good cos you can`t mill over things too much!
    For whoever was asking about tips for holiday, i`m not sure where you are going but in Lanzarote it was a bit of a mare.
    We had to walk 3 miles to a shop every day to get evian water to make up Eliie`s bottles after it had been boiled because the water they sold in the hotel had a really high sodium content. It shouldn`t be over 8 evian is 6.4 and the hotel was 28.9!

    Sorry to hear the holiday was a bit of a nightmare. Have fun planning your wedding! xx
  • Thanks branddollarz! The only problem is, that i don`t really have a clue what i need to do first! x
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