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I weaned lochlan onto solids at 6 months, so he's still getting purrees etc, I'm thinking of intorducing finger foods soon which i have been too scared to do as when i even make a slightly lumpier dinner he chokes really badly so im a bit nervous about it all, what were your experiences and what were the things you started with as beginners of finger foods?


Lyns xx


  • We started with buttered toast for Rachel to knaw on, and sticks of melon as it was nice and soft for her. She loved it, and can cope with most things now - sandwiches, apple, sticks of cheese etc. It is normal for them to gag a bit when first getting used to lumps etc., but it can be so scary!

    Hannah xx
  • Hey Hannah!

    Thank you for the ideas its so scarey the thought of him choking turns my stomach but i want to get started now than later so he can get used to things like cheese apples etc this would probably satifiy him a bit more aswell i would imagine xx
  • Soft Soggy things were a favourite of Logan's for a while, things like overcooked carrot, brocolli, ripe pear, melon.

    He hardly ever gagged completelt and if he does now, his technique is to shovel another piece of food in and keep going! so doesn't bother him!
  • I started with rice cakes as he just sucked on them until they pretty much disolved into mush in his mouth.
    Or the Organix carrot sticks are good as they just disolve too. the bigger bags with bigger ones ar best as they are easier for them to hold.

    He loved toast fingers too. He still loves a slice of melon especially when he's teething, likes to gnaw on the skin.

    they have a very good gag reflex so try not to worry. Good luck. S x
  • I had the same fear! I started on tiny pasta stars which my friend recommended as they are small enough for them to swallow but not choke. Beth gagged abit at first but i persevered, adding them to 1 meal a day and after about a week she eats them all u no problem! Everyday she just got more and more used to them. Now i mash her veg and shes fine on that and she has toast but i still have to watch for big lumps going in. Try the pasta and just remember if he gags abit just say oh dear and offer him water - if you make a big deal out of it it will scare him and put him off. Beth eats rusks and rice cakes well too and i found this got her using her hands more for eating and you dont have to worry about choking as much as the bits dissolve in their mouths.

  • It can be scary, but there is a difference between gagging and choking, and if a baby is used to swallowing purees lumps/chewing will take some getting used to.
    I like the organix snacks (sweetcorn rings, carrot sticks etc) as a first finger food, as they dissolve so the baby cannot choke on them, but it gets them used to eating finger foods.
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