Question for ladies who were induced....

If I accept the pessary (sp?) and this brings on labour (so i do not need any other form of inducement).....can I go on to have a waterbirth?


MKB 40+11


  • No hun I was told that once they induce you with the gel or the drink you would not be able to have a water birth. I was induced with the drip but they were going to use the gel and I wanted a water birth and was told no , sorry hun

    K xx
  • ah thought so - gutting isnt it - you have lovely visions of what you want your labour to be like etc etc and it all goes to pot - well I have 3 days for bubba to make her own appearance - PLSSSSSS baby boo come out xxxx
  • I was started off with a pessary and I asked about having a water birth and was told it would all depend on how the labour progressed. If it went as normal then yes I could have one if I needed another form of inducement ie a drip then no as I would have to be monitered throughout. Good luck and hope you get teh birth you want! xxx
  • i wanted a water birth but a week before my due date my waters broke and there was meconium in them (they were a dark straw colour) so i was induced straight away using the drip.

    im pretty sure when u are induced with the pessary they will want to monitor you and baby so wont be able to get in the water from all the wires etc.

    also when u are induced im sure u are in the obestrics (sp?) labour ward and im pretty sure they dont have birthing pools there.

    not to scare u but when i was induced on the drip i wasnt able 2 move about, was stuck in the bed. even when i went to the loo i had to take all the machines etc with me

    hope u get what u want hun, u have to be prepared for anything xx
  • At my hospital, you were allowed a water birth if you'd had the pessary but not if you'd had the drip. I was induced by propess (think it's gel stuff but not sure!) and used the pool in the early stages. They used a mobile CTG machine to monitor me and baby. So you might still be able to. xx
  • I was induced with just the pessary and I was told that I was allowed a water birth. If only there hadn't been someone in it already!!

    Don't worry about being induced too much. I was induced at 12 days over and only had a 4 hour labour which was a very positive experience.

    Good luck, xx
  • it very much depends on how far and quickly you dilate, if you just have the one pessary you should be ok, i had the pessary at 1pm and had lo at 3.30am they asked me at about midnight if i still wanted a water birth but i really couldnt be bothered to move i just wanted him out haha
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