Am i welcome to come back? miss you all so much!

Hi girls well got up monday morning feeling shit, my heart rate was goin crazy so went to dr's who did and ecg and sent for an abulance straight away, was quite scary going in with the neners on, anyway got there and was told it wasnt my usual svt but sinus tachycardia, prob caused by may gallstones , infection etc. had loads of tests and they were gonna book me straight in for my op but cos the previous heart probs wanted and echo first and go ahead from my cardiologist, well echo come back ok but my left ventricle if beating much faster than the rest of them and i have regurgitation??? so been sent home today after 4 days in and seeing my cardiologist asap to talk through it?? and sort my pre-op out for my gallbladder being removed. they have said should be no longer than 2 weekss til i have it done, so now i'm at home on all sorts of damn tabs and if i get the severe pain got to go straight to a&e again. They weighed me and i have now lost 4stone since being 4 months pregnant which is about 9 months.WOW lol i darent eat anything though so not to bring pain on. I tried my hardest to get on here while in there but couldnt damn thing was broken. I missed you all lots and am so glad to see all that crap has finished with. I feel like i'm fucking cursed with all these damn heart and baby etc probs, But finally getting it all sorted. a bit apprehensive bout being put to sleep for the gallstones. hope your all ok ? xxx


  • aww I hope ur ok hun! sounds like a rollercoaster week u have had, glad to see u back! :\)

    Love Steph x
  • Oh dear, hope ur ok, i messaged u on chat other, the tablets takin pain away? hope u get better soon x x x
  • welcome back! so sorry to hear u have been poorly. i hope u are taking it easy. hope u get well soon xx
  • hope you get sorted soon and then be back here full time. x
  • jeez not lovely at all hope your better soon & fully recovered xx
  • Wondered where you were!!!! Think I missed the "crap"!!!!! Glad your back and I hope everything smooths out for you hun xxx
  • hey,

    hope they get it all sorted soon, poor you to have to go through all that. Make sure you rest as much as possible - keep us updated

  • Hi hun! sorry to hear you are poorly, hope it gets sorted out asap! good to see you back! xxx
  • thanks girls for your support, i admit maybe i should just move into the hospital lol once the op is done and cardiologist gets whatever needs sorting out i swear i'm gonna try my damn hardest to stay healthy as possible. Missed the boys so much while away! sometimes feel a little cursed with all the health probs. And when i go for op i AM taking my laptop!! if your allowed lol
  • sweet pic hun xxx
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