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Hi ladies

We're thinking of getting either a Jumperoo or an activity station but Lyvi is still very, very small and short and I wondered if it was worth it? She's not even 60cm yet (at 6 1/2 months) - can anyone remember approx how long their baby was when they first used a Jumperoo? Obviously if she's too short she won't be able to jump yet but will she still get lots of use out of it just playing with the toys? I really feel she needs somewhere fun to play that's sitting up as she's at that age now where they would rather be sitting or standing than lying down, having a good old nose around! :lol:


Love NN and Olyvia xxx


  • hello image

    LO was about 64cm when we got the activity station and jumparoo, my friends LO was a lot shorter and we use to put a pillow undeneath his feet so he has something to push off x
  • Hi Hun. Emmy is about 65cm and has only just started to reach the floor. What we did was fold a blanket up lots so she still had a proper solid base and she jumped using that. In fact I've only removed it in the past week and it figures she's now more interested in the toys! Lol
  • Hi,

    We also used to put a cushion under James's feet, but he would never jump! He only started jumping when his feet were on the floor weeks later!

    I would say try them out if you can. I put James in my friend's lo's activity station the other day, and James appeared too tall for it, he wouldn't stand properly, and his legs kept going out behind him. If he had stood, I wonder how the seat would have supported him.

    Obviously opposite scenario, but makes me think try before you buy. :\) xx
  • Hi

    We put a cushion under Tylers feet not such much for the height, but to cushion him as he's violent in it, now he has 2 cushions as we've put it up to the next setting and he's not quite there yet. Just tippy toes without the cushions.

    He does love it though !!

  • when we first put my LO in hers, she couldnt reach the floor but used to wiggle her bum to get it moving.

    She was only in hers a couple of months, and we never even had to change settings as she is pretty small but was a early crawler, which is when she lost interest.
  • Just to re-iterate what everyone else has said really, we put the wii fit board under the jumperoo for Ollie and he loved it from day 1!!
  • Thanks everyone!

    Have decided to go for it and got a bargain off Boots image

    Love NN xxx
  • NN- have a look on ebay too. I got ours for 50 squid and I tell ya what, it was the BEST 50 pounds I have ever spent!! xxx
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