dd was awake for 3 hours last night from 1.30 til 4.45 crying in waves. she couldnt lay on my chest, over my shoulder, in my arms, the only way she would settle was sitting on my stomach leaning up against my bent legs.
gave her her feed at 2pm and she took 120ml (4oz) but within half an hour she projectile vomitted most of it back up bless. she (and me) was totally taken by surprise as there was no warning. she is sleeping on daddy now looking lovely and peaceful.

does this sound like colic?
if it is any ideas how to make her feel better?????


  • dunno bout the vommiting, but totally can relate with the sleeping and crying, max was like it from birth up to bout 8 weeks, he still bad but not half as bad as he was. but he never vomitted with it, just screamed and screamed and screamed lol maybe get checked by dr etc bout vommiting
  • it may be relux, sounds like how my lo was, doc prescribed infant gaviscon and it helped out no end!
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