What to move up to the next size nappies?


Well the title says it really. Niamh has been wearing huggies size 1 nappies but at the weekend when we went shopping they only had huggies size 2. We got these as the weight was 7lb to I think 14lb and as Niamh is 8lb 15 thought it would be ok. However she had one on in the night and leaked very badly so now wondering if it was because of the nappy.

So as all the nappies over lap weight wise I am now confused as to when you should use the next size up?



  • I like my nappy to wrap at least to just either side of the middle picture (we use Pampers). If they wrap further apart they leak for us.

    As soon as lo's nappy leaks from a Poo (a few times) - I know its time to upgrade to next size! xxx

    MKB and Baby Boo 6 mths old
  • Sometimes it's the brand that's the problem. I found I couldn't use Pampers size 1 when he was newborn as they leaked every time yet when I was given Pampers size 3 when he was a bit older they were fine??
    I'd say that she should be in size 2 going off her weight but it can also depend on body size & shape.
    Maybe try a different brand? I've found Asda's own 'Little Angels' nappies are fab.

    Shell xx

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  • Sounds silly and I hope not patronising but are you being careful to tuck the frilly bit around the legs outwards? I find wee leaks out if the frilly bit gets caught inside.

    I also agree that diff brands suit diff babies. We could never get on with Pampers when she was small and we sometimes have issues with Huggies now she's bigger.

    Re changing up a size - if you're finding that the nappy is saturated when you discover a leak, then I would say it's time for the next size. If there's a leak but the nappy isn't very heavy then I'd say it's another issue, eg wrong brand for you, frilly bit caught inside, etc.
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