making puree food? how?

i no this is reallly stupid but how do u pureefi homemade food? and what can i make for him. hes nerly 6 months and on 3 meals, at the moment hes on jars which he loves, but has someone mentioned it would work out cheaper to have homemade food,

any advice would be great, also should he be having bit lumpyer texters now hes been on solids since 16 weeks.


  • Buy a hand blender - it doesn't need to be an expensive one. Argos have a good range.
    Just steam your veg (better to keep all the goodness in) then blend it together. You can just pulse it a bit if you want it lumpier. I sometimes add unsalted butter so it's creamier and even grated cheese so it's a bit more fatty.
    You can start to give him some meat now, like chicken which you can purree up with things like sweet potato & apple.
    I bought the Annabel Karmel books - Top purees and the baby & toddler book. I suggest you buy the baby & toddler book. It is full of recipes for you to try. I don't stick to her amounts tho as some only make a few portions so I just add more things in.
    It's better to give him sweet potato rather than normal potato, and another good veg is butternut squash. Brocolli too and carrots. You can also make a pasta sauce with a tin of chopped tomatoes and a mixture of veg pureed like sweet potato, brocolli, carrots. Heinz do a range of pasta for babies. They do say from 7 months on the packs but I'm sure your lo would be ok. I also add grated cheese to my pasta sauce.
  • I dont have a steamer so I boil my veg (big bags of frozen veg are great).
    You can mix pretty much anything together...Gabe likes fruits like banana and apple. He also liked cheesy broccoli and carrot. Tried him on a new one today - chicken, apple and carrot (it was a bit lumpy with the chicken) - and he ate it OK. Didnt seem impressed but he mustve known that mummy slaved over it, so he ate it!
    I freeze everything in ice cube trays and when frozen, pop them out into freezer bags & label. Food lasts 3 months in the freezer (i think).
    It does taste a lot nicer than jars that all taste/smell the same. My lo has had jars a bit too but I want him to get used to the taste of "proper" food & not processed (cos thats what jars are after all).
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