New Bugaboo Bee

Does anyone have it? I need to get a new pushchair for LO, we currently have the M&P Skate, but LO is so tall, he's all stooped in it. He's still only 8 months, and far too young to be in his stroller all the time i think, and I'm a bit selfish, i want him to be forward facing just a little longer.

We originally ruled out the old bee, because the seat is just soo tiny, but the new model, i think the seat is much bigger? We thought either the bee or the new M&P Sola, hoping to have a test of them this weekend.



  • i have the sola that you mentioned and its fab. my daughter is massivly tall and at 15 months she still fits facing me. i've had it a few weeks and cant fault it (i did have a britax vigour)
  • I've been looking at the Bee Plus too as I want another parent facing pushchair. My ds is almost 14 months old. I had the old Bee on loan when my Quinny broke and the only things I didn't like about it (narrow low seat and overbearing hood) and have been changed for the Bee Plus. I just need to persuade my hubby to let me spend ??460 on it! Out of interest how much is the Sola? x
  • Incidentally, it's coming out at about??413 from Mothercare with the discount code AF9!! The Sola is ??250. I found a video on utube with the differences between the old and new bee, the new seat extends both in height and in length.

    It looks fantastic. I really want one!!

  • I had the old bee which was lovely but only with the car seat, I sold it once baby had grown out of the car seat as the seat was just dodgy. I would really honestly recommend no one buy the original bee. Its a con, the price is only worth it if you can use it for the 3 years not 9 months.

    That said, I now have a new bugaboo bee plus and it is perfect and wonderful. I absolutely love this pram, it glides, the brakes work, the chair is roomy, my son is massive and he looks really comfortable in it. We've been able to go walking up hills with it and no more sticky dragging pushchair. I highly recommend it!
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